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KuhleBody health coaching helps you thrive at any age
I'm proud of the fact that I have over twenty years of experience in the health and fitness industry and know that the road to long lasting wellness is based upon a solid foundation made up of daily healthy habits.
According to market research, health coaching is a $6 billion dollar industry with continuing growth. Eighty-six percent of the nation's $2.7 trillion annual health care expenditures are for people with chronic conditions.
Health coaching programs improve an individual's lifestyle, eliminates bad habits, encourages better nutrition, exercise consistency, and manages chronic conditions.
The current medical model of how doctor's practice medicine doesn't allow sufficient time to address a patient in a holistic way and/or get to the root of the problem. A typical doctor's visit, under the managed care system, lasts fifteen minutes with the doctor writing out a prescription. How can you really get to know someone's health concerns in fifteen minutes?
Having a health coach is the missing link for health care, as it provides direction, coherence and regular support to keep you on track for making changes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle. The benefits of accountability increase a client's success.
Many women in their late forties to fifties have a full plate. Between raising a family, being in the prime of their careers or both, they often struggle to find time to exercise and make smart nutrition choices. Add hormonal changes from menopause and it's only a matter of time before something gives out.
KuhleBody Thrive is a twelve month online health coaching program that offers both group and individual options. 
During those twelve months, you will master fundamental skills related to "Deep Health." For example, you may understand on the surface that you need more sleep, but you don't have an effective strategy on how to make that happen. The "Deep Health" approach is to work with the client on a doable and realistic strategy, put it into practice, make observations and get feedback on how it's working or if adjustments need to be made. . We apply this approach to other areas that a client wants to address as well, such as exercise, weight loss, nutrition and stress. 

Making changes to one's health takes time, commitment and patience. As a result, you will gain overall confidence, self-awareness, make better food choices, have more hormonal balance, greater energy, lose weight without deprivation, and increase your physical strength.  

Kuhlebody Thrive Health coaching offers two options. 

Group coaching: Limited to 10 individuals and meets online via Google Meet twice a month for 60 minutes.

One on one coaching: Sessions are 50 minutes and meet online via Google Meet every week. 

To best serve clients and create the optimum experience for support, I use the Precision Nutrition (*PN) software system.  You will receive a link to create a client account and from the dashboard will have the ability to post messages for me on the message board,  upload progress photos and measurements (no one else is able to view your progress photos and measurements, except for you and I), photos of your meals and read lessons and recipes I send from the resources section. 

Whether you are doing group or individual coaching, everyone receives skills to practice that are  designed to help you build a solid and sustainable foundation around nutrition and deep health that work for your life. This is about progress rather than perfection. 
The science based data behind successful weight loss shows that diets don't work and that behavioral change and lifestyle habits have more successful long term outcomes. 
Kuhlebody Metabolic Burn or KMB.  This is a five day a week workout program, Monday through Friday.  Scroll down to see more details listed under, "How Does Kuhlebody Metabolic Burn Work?"

Workouts are short and intense and are twenty-minutes long with little equipment needed. They can be done at home. No gym? No problem! Workout videos are posted the night before with a description to a private Facebook group for subscribers. 

There will be a private Facebook group for group coaching participants to connect, share their experiences, ideas, hold each other accountable and be a source of support on this journey.  
Kuhlebody Thrive is a 12 month program and you have the option to opt out anytime. 

Learn the foundation for life long health habits through behavioral change, practicing specific skills  and taking daily actions related to your goals. Contrary to popular belief, motivation comes "after" action.  Motivation is unreliable. It comes and goes. You can't depend on it. The more you take small daily actions, the more motivated you will be to work towards your health goals. Kuhlebody Thrive Health Coaching uses systems, processes, and routines to help you take action and stay on track. 
Increase your energy
Change your body composition
Receive recipes that are specific to hormonal health
Learn about toxins that are in your environment and that you may be using that are endocrine disrupters.
Which form of exercise builds muscle, adds tone and helps you to be a fat burning machine for hours after.
And more...
You're never too old to build muscle, lose body fat and gain strength. 

Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. 

Unless you have a serious medical condition or an actual physical handicap beyond your control that prevents you from exercising, you can no longer use having kids or being over 50 as excuses for why you can't become stronger, fitter, and faster. 

 It's time to get out of your own way and get moving. Literally! 

Kuhlebody Metabolic Burn is a fun and challenging fitness program of 20 minute workouts that can be done at home, at a time that is convenient for you and with minimal equipment. 

Workouts are posted Monday through Friday the night before on a private Facebook group. 

Each day focuses on different parts of the body.  Many of the exercises are multi-joint movements that create greater intensity, core engagement and mobility. This program is separate from Kuhlebody Thrive health coaching and can be done on its own or as a compliment to health coaching. 
You can build muscle at any age. More muscle equals a faster metabolism
Many people experience a decrease or a complete cessation of low back pain when they strengthen their core
Consistent exercise improves the quality of sleep.
Lowered resting heart rate
Improved blood circulation
Blood lipid profile improvement and blood sugar regulation. Many people report seeing an increase in HDL’s (the good cholesterol) and lowered LDL’s and Triglycerides (the bad cholesterol).
Improved endurance
More energy and confidence

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